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Meet Riley

I started down the path of becoming a physician, it was my life long dream as a teenager –to help people. I took the course work necessary, the exams,worked as an EMT,and got my degree in Psychology and Neuroscience – only to come to the realization of two things, the first being you do not need to be a physician to help people, the second being I wasn't ready to sacrifice12 years of my life to complete the necessary schooling and training as I grew into my mid-twenties. This is where real estate came to play, I strive to help people every day – not sell them homes. I am an educator at heart, I have worked in the startup sector for 4+ years and served as an educator to many there – this is just the next progression for me.

Why am I different?:  I am an educator. I am not a sales person, I am not a paper pusher, and I am certainly not a broken record. I started in real estate, as I like to say when I was 3–my mother has been an escrow officer for 22 years, I never thought home buying or selling was confusing due to that exposure (where I worked as a teenager). When I realized there was a huge knowledge gap in those who could afford to purchase but were still renting due to the uncertainty of purchasing, I found my way to be an educator to my clients. I am there to help them understand the financial, structural, and general risks as they consider purchasing, I'm not there to tell them about the wonderful views – I'm there to be real and honest.


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