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Meet Jim

Jim Holt is one of Sillicon Valley’s premier realtors. Within 4 years of entering the industry and before the age of 30, he was listed in The Wall Street Journal’s Top 100 Agents in the US. He started his career at Coldwell Banker where he was taught a solid foundation of what being a service-oriented agent means. He then moved on to Redfin, a company that has helped integrate technology into an at times archaic industry, where he took over and led their Silicon Valley market to great growth. Wanting to refocus on his level of customer service, he then moved on to Keller Williams where he began to build a team of impressive agents. Jim then decided to join forces with Brad Le, where he continues to lead his team, combining the best in technology and customer service in Silicon Valley! A bit more about Jim from his own perspective:

“I have always struggled in saying I ‘sell’ real estate. I struggle with it as I’ve never associated myself with the word ‘salesman.’ I guess that word just summons up an unpleasant image in my mind. Instead, I view myself as a smiling, upbeat, and approachable real estate expert that views the industry from a perspective of listening, educating, and communicating being of utmost importance. Each of these ideals are paramount in all interactions with my clients. As a result, my goal is to consistently be a confidant, a knowledgable advisor, and even a comforting friend when tough decisions need to be made. Beyond yearning for delivering the best customer service possible, I am a research freak! With an education background in math and computer science at Stanford, technology and numbers play an enormous role in my life. When not responding to clients at a lightning speed, you will likely find me analyzing past sales, current trends, and probably contemplating future trends. Yes, I am a bit of a geek — but a geek that knows the industry inside and out and hopes to help teach you along the way, too.”


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